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If you eat “Wagyu Beef” in Tokyo,it’s decided to be a “Roast Beef Ohno Harajuku Restaurant !!

Being introduced in the American super famous media “Tastemade” gave us a long queue every day!

Wagyu Beef  in Tokyo has got people’s attention in the last few years. Among those, Wagyu Beef have apparently been their favorite meal. One of our most popular branches is located in Harajuku where you can find the most famous one in the trend. “The Roasted Beef Ohno Harajuku Restaurant” is a household name in Japanese media. It’s not just from the Japanese media, but also from overseas. Plus, honourably, We are featured on the instagram account of “Tastemadetravel” which introduces the selection of selected Gourmet Worldwide! According to them, the term “ delicious “ seems to belong to us, because in a lunch time, people who’ll have one of our Wagyu Beef for lunch will be making a long line in front of us! I may have went to town bit farther haha.

Do you wanna meet The Wagyu Beef like the Mount Fuji? It will sure be making your mood on a 1-minute video below.


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Tastemade Travelさん(@tastemadetravel)がシェアした投稿 –

Featured on the topic media “Hachiko District”!

I went to the “Roast Beef Ohno Harajuku Restaurant” introduced in the “Hachiko District” which is popular to foreigners in Japan, and we went to find out the secret of popular Wagyu Beef!

First of all, check out the video that will introduce you to the charm in a nutshell!

Here is the city where trends are born, the popular “Wagyu Beef”

Place in Harajuku is where takes you a few minutes walk from the exit no.1 of the Meiji Jingumae Station in Tokyo Metro. “Laforet Harajuku” and “Tokoy Plaza Omotesando Harajuku” will be standing as a mark on Meiji Street. The intersection is a high-sensitivity spot that is often carried out some shootings by the fashion magazine and famous entertainment office. Also, it’s a few minutes walk from JR Harajuku Station along the Meiji-Jingu Shrine, and the Tokyo Metro Omotesando Station. There is “now” in some way, so you can enjoy strolling around with friends and even just being there could be interesting.

“Roast Beef Ohno Restaurant” is in the basement along side of the stylish Meiji Street. After 11 o’clock on weekdays, even though it was just right after the opening, there was a few people in the restaurant already.

Opening the door with my heart pounding , I met a girl’s eye who’s the clerk smiling at the order counter. It was her smile that it was said to be a high service level in Japan.

In here, Order before hand is the system at the counter, so once you made your mind which one to eat, please be ready to order and eat. I’ll show you some of our menus. A”Roast Beef  Rice Bowl Set(with pickled Rice, soup,etc.) “(1,080 yen including tax). and A”Wagyu Roast Beef  Rice Bowl Set (with Pickled Rice, soup,etc.) 2 types of “with condiments”(1.620 yen including tax). in some notes, I am happy that  I can add more slices of beef if you want. ( extra charge required)

The most Popular, “Wagyu Roast Beef  Rice Bowl Set” hasn’t been robbed of the first place. A roasted beef with Wagyu Beef and more than A4 -ranked are the part of our pound. I chose this without any doubt, and after the accounting, It’s about time to meet Wagyu Beef! Many tourists from overseas have also come to try some, they had prepared English and Hangul Chinese menus on the table as well.

Even though it’s still before lunch, almost all seats have been taken since I sat here. A few minutes to wait, my true love ( Wagyu Beef ) has arrived!

This is the Mount Fuji of meat Japanese-style!
Wagyu Beef is wrapped in a basket…..
The small tern in the meat is more than A4-ranked among Wagyu Beef. The egg yolk is shining in the top of the mountain.

The Clerk explained how to eat.
At first, eat a special sauce with Wagyu Beef and then eat it with salt and seasonings beside it.

The egg is OK when it is broken, so I tried to poke it with chopsticks.The egg yolk that drips on the slope to follow the special yogurt sauce from the top of the mountain of Wagyu Beef.

“Ok, I’m ready.” Talked to myself and tried to eat one slice of the Wagyu Beef first. What a surprise! For one slice is too big to bite at once. It’s almost triple size as I thought it would be. That can’t be considered in the Wagyu Beef that is normally selling at the shop. It tastes so good and smooth, is melting. Tell you the secret. This is because it’s been cooking slowly for 7 hours in a low temperature. The gentle sweetness and scent of Wagyu Beef spread hull of mouth. So, actually I can’t stop eating it. On the side of the Wagyu Beef there is shredded cabbage pickles which’s a refreshing little break to dig in slices of the Wagyu Beef and rice.

The Condiments you care about to add more flavor to it or change its texture a bit are miso cream and cream cheese which add more a rich and depth taste to it. On the other hand, wasabi is a refreshing texture which is more fragrant than the pungency. Even the basic tare & egg was a big leg, but I found a new look by eating with the condiments. This deliciousness is addictive. Mount Fuji! I thought it looked ok but too much for me, but it was so tasty that I had it all up! My stomach was filled. When I left the shop, it ‘s been a queue that people waiting with hungry face. Cool ! I’ll go stroll more in Harajuku now.

Middle of the lunch time, I saw people kind of rushing with chef’s hat holding a “Wagyu Roasted Beef Rice Bowl Set”
What was that ? then I noticed that there was a terrace seat for a customer who could not enter the restaurant coz it was too full. At the terrace, the counter and tables where you can eat were set.  Although when you in the terrace, you cannot see how the Wagyu Beef is ready, but it can be enjoyable to be in a different atmosphere.

By the way, the long-time procession seemed to be surprisingly fast, and if you wait googling on your smartphone what you are going to do, it couldn’t be stressful. And yet, if you don’t like the procession, Right after the opening of 11 a.m. would be the best time to come.

Roast Beef Ohno harajuku Restaurant ” will be waiting for you in Tokyo now!

Roast Beef Ohno Harajuku Restaurant

Jingumae,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 4-31-10

Bisiness hours  11:00~23:00(L.O 22:00)
Tell 03-3478-3260

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